Alibi is a 6-7 year old 15.3 hand Thoroughbred Mare, who I got in Apirl of 1998 and just sold in Spring of 1999. She is a bright bay, with two hind pasterns and a star. I got her from a big hunter/jumper stable. Since I got her I have done a little bit of everything with her. This summer I took her to Idaho with me and we did a lot of Dressage work. This really helped her jumping a lot, now she responds to the seat and legs and will collect before a jump. We also went on Canal rides with her. She was awesome. To get to the canal, we had to ride down a road, where cars just wizzed by, some even honked, just to be idiots. She was very sane about it. On the canal there were many things that scared the other horses that were with us, she had to lead, because she was the only one that would walk past some of the pumps, and things that made noises. I have also enjoyed messing around with riding her western. I have also worked with some showmanship. After only one lesson she could pivot and walk and stop, without a lead. This takes many horses much longer to learn. I haven't shown her any since I have had her, because i have always had my QH, though I think that sometimes she would do much better than the QH. As she has a much better mind and is twice as calm. She was shown one time before I got her and she came home with firsts in both her classes. I also saw her the first time out after having her baby, with only 3 rides after not riding 2 years, she went and rode around at the warm-ups at a show. She was a pro, like she had been around the activity all her life. That day I was riding an older TB who was more keyed up than her.

This is a picture of me riding Ali, Dressage, in Idaho.

This is a picture of Ali free jumping 4'6", in Idaho. The front standards are 6 feet.

This is a picture of Ali saddled up western, this spring.

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