In Fall of 1995 we got Kit who was then 18 months old. I did all the training on her. We Sold her in the June of 1999, as a 5 year old. Her best event was always showmanship, anyone could take her in a showmanship class. She always plants her pivots, and to set up you just look at her, sometimes you have to intimitade her a little first though. It's not that hard though, my 9 year old sister can do it. Kit is a very well trained horse, when she wants to be. She is really good at western, though we both have limited exerience with it, I think she is a natural. Her wonderful movement makes her a great English horse though. She can be a bit of a handful when she is hyper and being ridden. But when she gets some of the energy worked out, she is generally fine. She has a nice walk, jog, trot, extended trot, canter, hand gallop, flying changes, etc. She is learning to do english, western, jumping, and Dressage. If I were keeping her, I would work on teaching her to drive too. She already Groud drives wonderful. Some pictures of Kit and I.

Heres Kit playing dead

and here is a picture of her just laying in the paddock

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