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My Trip to Idaho

This is a picture of me riding Greta Garbo, a 3 year old Oldenburg filly. Click on the picture to see more pictures including bottle feeding and more information.

This is a picture of me ride Debon Aire in 1998. She is a 5 year old 16.2 hand Hanovarian mare. She is another one who I remember when she was just a little baby. To read more about her, and see more pictures, click on her picture.

The two yearlings sleeping in the pasture, click on their picture to see more of them.

This is a picture of me rideing Erazmie, a 16 hand Hanovarian mare. This mare was imported from Germany. My aunt got a good deal on her at an auction, since knowone could handle her, but she has turned out to be a great mare. With some retraining she was doing great under saddle, This picture was taken in 1996, I am looking for some newer ones, from when I visited in 1997 or spent the summer there in 1998. Sadly she died of colic in the winter of 1998. Though she did have one very cute colt in 1997 named Denali(pictured above).

This is picture of me riding Dazzle in 1997, I did ride her in 1998, though due to back problems and lameness, only a couple times. She is a 16 hand Hanovarian mare.

I hope to post pictures of the other horses I rode here soon, I have to get them scanned and find them. And I didn't get pictures of all the horses that I rode.


This is a picture of Deb and her mommy Diva.

This is a picture of Deb eating from mommy.

This is a picture of Debs head when I was riding her in 1997.

This is a picture of me riding Deb when she was a 4 year old.

This is a picture of me pulling Deb's mane, when she was probly only 2 or 3. What a big girl she was!

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