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Farm I worked For

Above is a picture of Roady and I at my first jumping show. Roady is a horse at The Barn I work for.

I have been fortunate to be able to work for a Hunter/Jumper stable for a year now. When I met them I was at a tack sale and my horse had been lame for about 6 months at the time, I got to talking to them and they said why don't you come out and ride some of our horses, then the trainer was like, you should try out for a working student job. So I went out and tried out, and they were very impressed with my riding. Working there has been a real learning experience for me. This stable is a georgeous top of the line stable. I have never seen one so well kept and beautiful. They have a huge indoor arena I think 24 stalls, 2 paddocks, a round pen, large pasture turnouts, etc. The stalls are thoroughly cleaned once a day and picked about 5 times a day. The horses had to look perfect before they could go anywhere. Never before had I seen someone who was as much or more of a perfectionist then me. Soon after starting to ride there the owner asked me to do turnouts on the weekends. So I would turn out, groom, and ride horses. I got to ride a lot of really well trained horses, including a Grand Prix Jumper, and Prix St. George Dressage horse. In the grooming I would pull manes and in the winter do the body clipping. Strange as it may sound I enjoy clipping and pulling manes. I haven't figured out why, maybe its the watching hair fall. I know what you are probly thinking, I wonder what someone who enjoys watching hair fall leaves a horse looking like, right? Well my mane jobs usually end up looking very nice, or I probly wouldn't still be pulling the manes there. And the clip jobs turn out as good as I can make them. I am a perfectionist, which is good and bad.