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My Other Pets

Sir Poke Alot
3 year old African Pygmy Hedgehog.

3 year old Opal Mini Rex

My trio of Light Brahma Chickens.

These are awesome birds, the rooster is about 3 years old, which is very old for one of his size, and the two girls are just a year old in this picture. I purchased them in November of 1999, before then I really wouldn't even touch a bird. Though when I saw them, I was in love! And I have never regretted buying them! They have proved to be awesome birds, and very loyal. Actually, even more loyal than my horse. When they hear my voice, they will come running out of the barn and to the corner of the fence. JB often doesn't even turn his head. Brahmas are a very large breed of chicken, the 2nd largest breed actually. The males should weigh about 12 pounds, though I think mine is slightly over weight.

Now I also have 2 babies, which are about 2 months old, they aren't near as friendly as the older birds, but they are a lot calmer than many birds at their ages. I spend as much time with them as I can, and enjoy taking them out in the yard to play.

Two Brahma chicks less than a week old.

One of the brahma chicks less than a week.

Bantam Langshan next to one of my much larger standard brahma chicks.

Rooster eating out of my hand, before he had his tail grown in.

Rooster flapping his wings

Rooster standing, again without his tail grown in.

The rooster, and one of my hens.