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Horses I Have Ridden

I have also ridden horses of other peoples and I would like to thank all the people who let me ride their horses. It has really touching that people have blessed my by trusting and careing for me enough to allow me to ride and learn on their horses. I rode a 16 hand breeding stock paint mare in, I think, 1993. I showed her green horse in 4-H. When I started with her she only was a trail horse, I taught her to side pass, do showmanship, and other trail manuvers. I had lots of fun teaching her to side pass and pivot. Longeing her was also a real trick. Teaching her to side pass she kept kicking at me whether I was on the ground or on her back. I was just glad that she had a deep girth. She was barely missing my foot when I was on her. Teaching her to pivot she would lean into me and not go anywhere. A spur works on most horses, but not her. I ended up having to use a sharp stick and twisting it into her shoulder. She was so dead. Even with that it was horrible and she still sat on it. When I first tried to longe her she started rearing and striking at me and wouldn't go in a circle. But one thing I have to say about this mare, she sure taught me a ton. Even in the few months I worked with her I learned a lot about bad behavior and how to work around it. When I took her to her first show though after working with her and getting her through the worst we went out and won showmanship. In her next show which was at the Clark County Fair in green horse she got 4th in Showmanship and Grand in Trail.
A couple years after that in 1995 I showed another horse owned by the same person. He was a 15.1 hand Leopard appaloosa. He was supposed to be 5 or 6 but it turned out at the end of the year when the owner got out all his information before state, he turned out to be only 4. He was really green broke when I started with him and he bucked a lot. The year before he had been shown in showmanship and he ran over the kids showing them and stepped on their toes. I worked with him and showed him and got him going really well. In the first show I showed him in showmanship in he did run into the horse next to him but he didn't run into me. I am also good friends now with the girl whose horse he ran into. After that one show he did pretty well in showmanship even getting grand at fair out of approximately 80 exhibitors. He did great in his riding classes until it got to his english champion ship class where there was a pattern involved. It should have been a very easy pattern. I mean all we had to do was trot one circle of a figure 8 and canter the other. Well he decided to buck the other circle. It was kinda funny. I got teased though for the rest of the week, since it was the first year our fair had the Bull O Rama and none of the bulls bucked well and cowboys were getting bucked off. Everyone said I had my * second ride. The judge was like what happened. I just said well I don't know. But I was thinking its just Fozi. Of course I still love him. In fact I saw him at a 4-H fun day recently, with his new owner. I was even their partner for the games. They are really happy with him and I am glad. Any ways after fair I took him to state. In the month until state he had time to grow up and he really did some matureing. He was a whole new horse. I had a lot of fun with him up at state. We were in the top 20 in showmanship and the top 5 in the state in trail. These 2 classes started out being his worst and ended up his best. We did have some interesting times up their though, like when he decided the corner was going to eat him in lunch brake. I was practicing bareback and he was just bucking up a storm in this corner, he did not want to get near it. But I managed to stay on. Then he decided that he was afraid of a white horse in Western, he is white himself so it was a little funny him being afraid of another. I think that I accomplished all the goals that I had set with him. He also taught me a lot. I learned how to deal with all the different problems that arised with him and work through them, I also learned that I didn't always make good decisions. I had to try many different technics and listen to many peoples ideas to learn how to get him to quit pulling the things he pulled. He may have been a very complicated horse but I never regretted riding him, even with all his antics, I loved every minute of it.

Above is a picture of Fozi and I at state.

This year I will be teaching a pony to drive, at the stable that I work at. I was very lucky to meet them last year when my horse was lame. Being able to work there and ride the trained horses has really helped my riding a lot. The owner is even allowing me to drive a pony of hers, I could have chosen the one that is trained but, of course I would choose a challenge. I decided I would like to drive the pony that barely knew how to longe. I should be a lot of fun for me, as I love to train.