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Hi. My name is Lisa. I am 20 years old, and my life revolves around my horses and now my chickens also.

Right now we have 2 horses. One of them is mine, the other 1 my mom and sister share.

I have been riding horses practically my whole life. I haven't always been able to afford that perfect horse, in fact I don't have a perfect horse now. Though I do have a really nice one.
All of my horses have either been given to me or we bought them really cheap. The most we have paid for a horse is $850 and that was for my first thoroughbred(Ellie). I have been grateful to the people who have helped me out through the years by donating horses to me, allowing me to work with their horses, giving their time to work with me and the horses, and donated money to me for working with them or their kids or their horses. Donations were a big help to me, in supplying a horse for me to ride, or helping me get the funds to afford the lessons I needed.
Since I ride what ever I can, I ride a lot of untrained horses. Having to put a lot of training into these horses before they are ready to show they taught me a lot about training.

I have gained a lot of horse knowledge from being in 4-H for a number of years, as well as, pony club for 3 years. I am very involved in 4-H, I competed in a number of different aspects of horse 4-H. Over the years I did Driving, Performance, Gaming, Horsebowl, Groomsquad, Green Horse, record books, etc. I also have entered Photography pictures, Pencil Drawings, Pastel Paintings, etc. I have held different offices over the years in 4-H, such as Treasurer, Secretary, and Newsletter editor. All of which I have done for at the least 2 years. Now that I am out of 4-H I am becoming a 4-H leader, so that I can help continue to keep kids learning about horses in a safe manner.

I can't afford to take regular lessons so I have just taken lessons here and there, when I can afford them. I like taking lessons from a lot of different trainers that way I can choose technics I like and put them together and use what I want depending on the horse I am riding. In this past year I have been lucky enough to be a working student at a Hunter/Jumper stable. In the past I have only been able to afford to take lessons 1-2 times a year. One year after saving up for 2 years I took a years worth of lessons. Other years I was lucky enough to have the older 4-Hers help me, but now I am the older 4-Her and enjoy passing on my knowledge to the less experienced.

Here is a picture of my friend and I at state in 1995.

We went throught the aisleways like this and our parents yelled "horse coming through".