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Favorite, Funniest, and Scariest Memories

I think that one of my favorite memories involving horses is when my friend who I had helped with her first horse beat me in her very first show with this horse. I was very excited. She even said she could never have done it without me. I also loved seeing the looks on the faces of the girls I had helped this past year when one of them one trail and the other did so well. I don't know why these are such good memories, over my memories of me winning but they are great memories that I never want to forget.

One of my funniest memories of my thoroughbred was when I got off of her and triped over a cavelletti and landed on my rear looking up at her. She looked at me with these big wide eyes like, are you going to kill me? Did I buck you off and I not remember? How'd you end up down there? Her expression was just hilarious.

I think the funniest time with my Filly was when I went to tighten a side rein and she didn't want me to, so she reared and ran backwards trying to figure out how to get her front feet back on the ground and then finally getting them back on the ground long enough to run sideways and fall right in the middle of a huge appoximately 20 by 40 foot mud puddle. The look on her face was worth a million. I will tell you that she didn't rear again for quite some time.

One of my scariest involvements with horses was when I was jumping Fozi. It was a 2 foot jump, his owner kissed too soon and so he started to take off and then realized I wasn't the one kissing. Then he put his feet back down. As soon as I realized he wasn't going to go through with it I urged him to keep going, but he hesitated and took another stride and then took off. By this time his knees were under the jump. So it made him do a sumersault. Luckily I went one way and he went the other. At this moment reality hit. As I had always been lucky before in jumping with no accidents at all. I used to be brave and would do anything, after this I am a little more careful about what I am doing. Of course it should have been safe to jump Fozi, he had been jumped before, I taught him to jump, months before. And in fact the next weekend we went to a pony club riding meeting and jumped some more. Still that has been my only jumping accident. Unless you count the time that the horse bucked me off after the jump. This was totally embarrassing, but at least I knew the horse had done it to almost everyone who has jumped him including many trainers. I have been lucky not to be dumped again, his owner says he likes me.